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Since a young age I always had an interest in art, and in the last many years my focus has been on painting. Often, I will stop to admire and capture a beautiful sunset, flower or animal and feel the need to paint it; using those images as inspiration for future pieces. My curious nature guides me to work with different mediums and experimenting with colors and textures. This is an ever-evolving process. 

I started taking oil painting classes and watercolors. I now use alcohol inks, acrylics, oils, watercolors, resin, semi precious gems and crystals. My paintings range from realistic to the abstract and sometimes a combination of both. I start with an image in mind of what I am going to create and then allow the colors to organically join in and develop the composition. Getting lost in the process, the less I think and examine, the better the piece will be.

I have exhibited my work at the St Charles Art Council exhibit at Pheasant Run in 2017. Participated in the Fox River Arts Ramble 2022 and have my alcohol ink paintings for sale internationally at the Art Gallery at the Atelier Hotel in Playa Mujeres, Mexico.

My other passion is animal welfare. 10 % of all art sales are donated to Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary in Thailand that rescues sick, injured and old elephants from abuse and the tourist industry. I was lucky enough to volunteer there for a week. That experience was life changing. 


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